The idyllic seclusion of Muskoka is the perfect setting for creating lasting memories with family and friends. Summer escapes us so quickly, and Nightscapes of Muskoka understands the importance of savouring every moment.


Our designs offer a peaceful ambiance that will illuminate your memory-making for years to come.

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Muskoka is one of the most beautiful areas in Canada. Located North of Toronto, Muskoka is one of the country’s premiere cabin communities. As one would suspect with such a picturesque environment, the night skies are nothing short of captivating and as such light pollution is a huge concern for area residents and vacationers alike.


Nightscapes understands this balance and creates light art without streaking or blowing out the night sky. Our professional team of installers will illuminate your night without even bothering your neighbour. 


Our LED systems and custom setups respect the environment by using less power than traditional lights while not radiating the sky with beams or blooms of light. The result is a subtle scene from afar and a stunning display up close. 


Outdoor get togethers, nights spent relaxing by the fire, and evenings star gazing are complemented by our custom lighting installs that feel almost dream-like on the perfect night.


Enhance your grounds with the lighting you see in movies and always dreamed of having. Enhance your grounds with Nightscapes of Muskoka.

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