Enhance your landscape with the lighting you always dreamed of having

With over 16 years of experience, Nightscape of Muskoka’s award-winning design and installation team provides professional outdoor lighting solutions that enhance the enjoyment of your landscape into the evening hours, year round.

Nightscapes of Muskoka always prioritizes the environment and are cautious of how much the landscape lights illuminate. With Muskoka being one of the most sought after cottage destinations in Ontario and Canada, we never want to disturb the natural view or hide the night sky. A lighting system from Nightscapes of Muskoka is stunning, safe and secure. 

We choose LED Lights for our lighting systems because they’re energy efficient, produce very little heat and have low maintenance costs. Plus, customization for our clients is easy with their wide range of colour options. 

Our team is highly skilled in architectural light design. Which is a conceptual process that implements light into the design development. Partnering with our professional outdoor lighting designers will secure you a cohesive and valuable landscape. 

Whether you’re looking for a custom design or an upgrade to your existing system, we offer a wide range of lighting effects and work with several lighting fixtures

We take pride in being a part of enhancing your outdoor living experience

Customer satisfaction is our first concern. Above all else, we want your outdoor space to feel almost dream-like. A setting where you can create lasting memories and savour every moment. 

Our consultation process involves a visit to your property to determine your specific needs and preferences. The process always starts with us displaying our portfolio, so you can observe the lighting effects that can be achieved. Focal points, which can be enjoyed from both inside and outside your home, are assessed to maximize the efficiency. 

If you’re uncertain about your vision our team can help with recommendations and ideas. You can also check out our Media Gallery, Instagram or Facebook for inspiration.

After all the information is gathered, we will design a system that is exclusive to you—tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Once the design is complete, a proposal will be sent to you for consideration. 


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