Cottage Landscape Lighting: The Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is a beautiful complement to any space, whether it’s a house, commercial space or cottage.

Landscape lighting has been a rising trend for homes and businesses, but cottage owners still seem a bit intimidated by the process.

Cottage owners fear they’ll have to install outdoor lights themselves because landscape lighting companies don’t service their area.

Which is untrue, many professional landscape lighting companies are willing to travel or are already in the area.

Nightscapes services the Muskoka Region which is the cottage capital of Canada.

If your cottage isn’t in our exact region, still reach out for a consultation, we try our best to accommodate all projects.

As long as you partner with a professional landscape lighting company, the process is quite simple, but there are still elements to keep in mind.

The Dos of Landscape Lighting

Do Focus on Lighting the Cottage First

Your cottage should always be the center of importance. Start with your ideas for security, navigation, and architectural details you want to showcase.

Once the necessary aspects are discussed, the fun part starts. Which is the overall design scheme for the property.

Do Be Mindful of Light Bulb Choices

The bulbs you choose will affect illumination and the overall maintenance of your lighting system.

Take time to look at different tones and consider if you want soft lights, white lights, etc.

Nightscapes of Muskoka always recommends LED lighting since they’re energy-efficient, long-lasting, and have design flexibility.

Do Spend Time on Light Fixtures

Having a mood board of light fixtures for specific landscape areas can save time in the long run.

It’ll give your professional outdoor lighting installer an idea of the overall style/theme of the landscape.

You’ll have backup options if a fixture doesn’t work out; sometimes a fixture looks ideal in a photo, but in reality, it’s way too large for your dainty railing.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for a white Cottage and Boathouse in Muskoka, Ontario. Boathouse is on the water. Cottage is surrounded by trees,

The Don’ts of Landscape Lighting

Don’t Overlook Details

Even at the cottage, small details matter.

In the event that you’re not satisfied with your landscape lighting, don’t ignore that feeling. Work with your professional design team to iron out the wrinkles.

The solution can be a matter of placing fixtures differently, swapping out light fixtures, adding flowerbeds or plants, etc.

Keep working on the lighting design until you’re perfectly happy.

Don’t Reject All Feedback

Constructive criticism can be hard to swallow. Finding out your concept isn’t doable, in your budget, or the best route to take, isn’t ideal for anyone or any project.

Designs for landscape lighting can be versatile, but it’s still based on the environment, the current landscape, and electrical aspects.

Try to keep an open mind on revisions, consider their recommendations, and accept that some ideas aren’t practical.

A professional landscape lighting company is there to make your vision a reality, they won’t steer you away from that goal if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

Don’t Rush Into Landscape Lighting

Like any project, landscape lighting shouldn’t be rushed.

A professional design team can make recommendations and create an amazing landscape design, but if you don’t consider your overall wants, you won’t be fully satisfied with their creation even if it’s immaculate.

Walk around your cottage. Set up different sitting areas. Make a list of outdoor spaces you wish were utilized more. Consider future renovations or additions.

You don’t want to install landscape lighting just to change or remove the lighting system next year.

Pathway Lighting at a Cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. Pathway is surrounded by greenery, shrubs, trees, rocks. Cottage is off of the water.

Landscape Lighting for Cottages

Having beautiful illumination and the ability to enjoy your cottage during the night, is possible and practical.

You don’t have to do it alone or worry about landscape lighting companies not servicing your area. Your responsibility is to consider all aspects of the project and your dream outcome.

Nightscapes of Muskoka is always ready to make your cottage picturesque, just take a look at our landscape lighting portfolio!

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