Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space: Balancing Cottage Landscape Lighting with Natural Light Sources

When it comes to your cottage landscape lighting, finding the balance between artificial and natural lighting is key to creating an inviting and cozy outdoor space. Over-lighting can make your outdoor space look like a landing strip, while under-lighting can create dark spots that are both unsafe and unattractive. Keep on reading to see 4 helpful tips for balancing cottage landscape lighting with natural lighting at night.

Cottage Landscape Lighting and the Moon

When it comes to landscape lighting, the moon is a powerful natural light source that can help create a balanced and inviting outdoor living space. By considering the moon’s phase, you can adjust your landscape lighting accordingly to ensure that balance is always met. During a full or near-full moon, you can use softer lighting to highlight natural features like trees and water features to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. However, when the moon is in the new phase, you may want to use brighter landscape lighting to ensure your outdoor space is well-lit and safe to navigate. By balancing your lighting with the moon’s natural light, you can create an outdoor space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Using Layers of Lighting to Create Balanced Landscape Lighting

Using layers of lighting is another effective way to balance your night time lighting with natural light sources. For example, you can use low-level lighting to highlight pathways and stairs while using brighter lighting to accentuate trees and other natural features. This creates a beautiful and balanced look that mimics the way light naturally falls in a forest or meadow. Additionally, layers of lighting can help create depth and dimension in your outdoor living space, making it more visually interesting and dynamic.

Invest in Smart Lighting

Smart lighting technology is rapidly evolving, and it can be a valuable tool in balancing your cottage landscape lighting. Some smart lighting systems can be programmed to automatically adjust the brightness of your lights based on the amount of natural light present. For example, if the moon is out, the system can lower the brightness of your outdoor lights to create a more natural-looking space. This not only creates a beautiful atmosphere but also saves energy and reduces light pollution so you enjoy the night time sky.

Implement Warm-Coloured Lights

When selecting artificial lights for your cottage landscape lighting, consider using warm-coloured lights instead of cool or white colours. Warm-colours, such as amber or yellow-toned lights, can help create a cozy and inviting feeling that doesn’t take away from the natural beauty and light sources of your cottage landscape. In contrast, cool or white colours can create a harsh and artificial look that clashes with the natural surroundings. By using warm-coloured lights, you can create a balanced and inviting outdoor living space that feels natural. As an added bonus, warm-coloured lights tend to attract fewer insects, which we all know can be a nuisance in the warmer months.

Finding the right balance between your cottage landscape lighting and natural light sources can help create both a beautiful and inviting outdoor living space that is both functional and can be enjoyed late into the evening. By considering the moon’s natural light, using different layers of lighting, maybe investing in smart lighting, and including warm-coloured lights, you can create a space that is both beautiful and functional. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet night at home or hosting a dinner party, a well-balanced outdoor lighting scheme will create a warm and eye catching scenery that is sure to impress. If you’re ready to discuss enhancing your cottage property landscape, speak to cottage landscape lighting expert today!

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