Luxury Cottages in Ontario – Inspiration for Your Next Landscape Lighting Project

A fantastic method of acquiring inspiration for interior and property designs is browsing for sale and rental listings. Of course, Pinterest and other social media sites are ideal, but when browsing local markets, you can find more suitable and possible ideas.

An added advantage is that you can potentially cost-compare the property with your own or gain insight into rental prices.

Let’s look at three luxury cottage rentals in Ontario, mainly in the Muskoka region, to see if any innovative design elements can influence inspiration.

Boutique Muskoka Lakehouse and Cabin in Huntsville

  • Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.
  • $1,097 per night.
  • 6 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms.

First up is a quintessential Muskoka cottage: 1.26 acres with 200 ft. of shoreline, outdoor entertainment like kayaks, and fully stocked amenities. There is ample space with six bedrooms, an open-concept living room, walk-out balconies, and several outdoor entertainment areas.

The interior boasts airiness with a crisp white colour scheme, softened by warm wood accents. Host dinner inside at the 8-person dining table or outdoors on the patio. Guests will never worry about entertainment with high-speed internet, pool table, ping pong table, smart TVs, and a wide selection of games.

We love the dramatic staircase that runs across the property to the off-shoreline deck. It bridges the cottage and the lakeside beautifully.

Near the cottage is a hot tub with an illuminated overhang and a full-sized fire pit with ample seating. The deck has a sweet sitting area with yellow lawn chairs and a small fire pit.

Key takeaways from this Ontario cottage:

  • If your property has generous outdoor space that leads to a lower level: bridging the cottage and shoreline with a long staircase will create separate areas in the layout, this is great for creating entertainment areas and the overall design.
  • Strategically placing outdoor lights can provide enough illumination without an entire lighting system. With this property, the owners hung string lights across the main outdoor area, added lighting to the hot tub’s overhang, and included several scone fixtures on the cottage’s exterior. The minimal lighting provides enough illumination to cover the immediate outdoor space. Although, we would recommend pathway and stair lighting for evening swimming or boat rides.
  • A cohesive design will further the value of a rental. This listing markets very well, and we give credit to the designers. A crisp white palette with accents of wood and pops of colour amplifies the luxuriousness of the cottage. Carrying the pops of colour outdoors executes cohesiveness.

Waterfront Paradise: Luxury Cabin On The Lake with Sauna and Hottub

  • Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada
  • $2,019 per night.
  • 4 Bedrooms and 3.5 Bathrooms.

Next on our list is Waterfront Paradise, a luxury cottage located on Georgian Bay that is perfect for every type of event imaginable; sleeping 20 people, you could host a small wedding, business function, retreat, or a friend’s trip. The cottage is packed with amenities; a hot tub, a large dock, and even a panoramic sauna. Not to mention the long list of sporting equipment and activities you can access.

A multilevel deck was a wise choice; it allows cottage owners to create multiple spaces without taking up additional room. Each area feels like a separate entity but doesn’t look cramped.

The owners were very clever with their layout; they designed their cottage for everyday life, and so it’s readily available for events. The off-water deck with an overlay is a great example. You don’t see this feature as often as you should. Of course, any person could enjoy this view and the comfort the lounge area offers, but it’s an upsell for events or gatherings.

Key takeaways from this Ontario cottage:

  • To maximize your space, build a multi-level deck that wraps around the cottage’s exterior. With this property, the owners fit a two-person sitting area, a dining spot with a bbq, and even a hot tub.
  • Including features that appeal to larger groups can further your investment and secure more bookings. This cottage has four bedrooms, fewer than others, but can sleep 16 because there are ten beds. The property also includes an off-water lounge area; a spacious, gated deck with ample seating and an illuminated overhang makes it great for outdoor parties and photo ops.
  • This listing is a prime example of why outdoor lighting is influential, and the cottage has notes like recessed lighting along the roof’s overhang, string lights for the waterfront lounge, and minimal deck lighting. But with additional landscape lighting, the natural elements would be emphasized, and there would be a safer route to and back from the waterfront.

The Good Times on Morrison Lake

  • Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada
  • $490 per night.
  • 6 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms.

The last Muskoka cottage we’re looking at has incredible features and is only two hours from Toronto, Ontario. Everything about this property motivates its guests to enjoy the outdoors; a hot tub facing the lake, an outdoor sauna, a large deck with dining, a private dock, and a fire pit with a lake view.

Even though the rental can accommodate a similar amount of people, has desirable amenities, and is lakefront, the price point is considerably lower than the other cottages we saw. We can’t say for sure, but it could be due to the location, as it’s not near downtown Gravenhurtst or because the interior lacks the same luxurious feel as the outdoor space.

But, from what we can tell from the photos and reviews, the outdoor entertainment area is well thought out and is more than worth the trip. The property seems small in size, but you have access to desirable outdoor amenities, plus with ample outdoor lights, guests can take advantage of the evening, which is prime for winter bookings.

Key takeaways from this Ontario cottage:

  • A complete outdoor lighting system gives you an edge over the competition (if you’re looking to rent or sell). Make it clear that your cottage is enjoyable into the evening, especially during winter, and that there’s added security.
  • Take a simplistic cottage and transform it into an upbeat stay or add a layer of richness with outdoor lights. This rental listing includes several photos of its outdoor lighting, and we can safely assume it’s because of the feeling it conveys. A two-person seating area on a balcony overlooking the lake becomes intimate. A hot tub is a great amenity, but a hot tub with colour-changing LED lights creates the imagery of parties or excitement.
  • This cottage could be labeled as simplistic or small-scale, but the outdoor lights distract guests from eye sores and enlarge specific spaces. If lighting can accomplish and enhance this cottage greatly, think about what’s possible with a modern or grand property.

What’s Your Take On Luxury Cottages in Ontario?

Did any of the above luxury cottages in Muskoka, Ontario, inspire ideas? We’d love to hear which elements you found appealing or any to skip out. Let us know by tagging us on Instagram.

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