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5 Easy Ways to Lighten Up Your Cottage

A cottage is a safe haven away from the city’s mania. It should be a place of peace: a space that people visit to unwind, enjoy the outdoors, and create lasting memories.

The new wave of modern, house-like cottages, brings the city-life convenience to the country. There is no shame in enjoying clean water, a heating/cooling system, or WiFi for those rainy days. Although, the get-a-way purpose shouldn’t be lost within the digital age desires.

Planning a trip to your cottage should motivate you to breathe fresh air and spend as much time outside as possible. Which can be difficult if you have your everyday distractions with you (looking at you netflix).

Having an outdoor entertainment space can help pull you away from the comfort of your couch and detach from your internet addiction. Outdoor lighting is the cherry on top: it will tie together a cohesive look and mood.

Unsure of how to compliment your cottage’s landscape? We came up with 5 ideas to lighten up your property.

1. Pathway Lighting

Starting your lighting journey with pathway lights is like tipping your toe into the lake. It gives a sense of how lighting can bring luxury while also gaining convenience. Highlight your most used pathway(s) to ensure navigation is easy for the cottage-goers, but don’t overlook creativity.

Creativity can be sparked with fixtures. Your options range from garden lights to downlights to flush lights, and the list goes on.

Working with a professional designer can ease the chaos of fixture shopping there are a lot to choose from, and we mean a lot. If you are taking the gamble to design your own landscape, try to stick to similar fixtures, but that doesn't mean they have to be bland.

Below are our top choices for classic, but stunning pathway lighting.

Pathway lighting done by Nightscapes
Pathway lighting done by Nightscapes

2. Dock/Deck Lighting

Dock/Deck lighting is another great example of convenience and luxury mixed together. Having lighting around your dock/deck provides safety during the night. The last thing anyone wants is for them or their guest to lose track of their stepping and take a nasty fall.

The luxurious part is the mesmerizing reflection on the water and the beautiful scenery boaters will pass by.

Illumination will quickly transform a plain wooden dock to a gorgeous lakeside pier. Grab a couple of chairs, bring your Bluetooth speaker, and you’re set for a night of stargazing.

A dock with welllights, done by Nightscapes
A dock with custom lighting around the edge, done by Nightscapes

3. Highlight Surrounding Nature

Nature is the driving force to purchase cottages. Don’t overshadow it with lighting, compliment it or better yet, highlight it through illumination.

The design team at Nightscapes are experts at perfecting illumination so it’s eye catching, not overpowering.

One way to feature organic elements near your property is by adding moonlights.

Moonlights are hidden in high-up locations usually trees. They mimic, well, the moon’s light. If placed properly, it gives off a subtle spotlight glow which does a fantastic job of accenting trees, plants, or nearby nature.

Uplights are also a great choice for accenting organic elements. These are lights that, well, shine light upwards. Trees, shrubs, planters, rocks, in garden beds, you name it, an uplight will probably make it better.

Both are simple touches that provide enough light for you to enjoy the outdoors, but neither take away from the view.

Exterior cabin lighting done by Nightscapes
Garden lighting done by Nightscapes

4. Exterior Lighting

Lighting up your cottage seems like a no-brainer, but doing it strategically makes all of the difference.

A well lit area provides security. Intruders aren’t as common at the lake, but wild animals are. Motion lights are the best choice as most animals are easily startled.

Exterior lights are also great if you have a minimalist lot. Having a bare landscape gives you more room to play and it’s understandable if you don’t want to fill it. Although, if you’re lacking lighting, you’re only taking advantage of your space for half the day.

Lights around the eavestrough illuminate enough for you to have a small sitting area nearby, making it easy to bring your entertainment outdoors.

Custom exterior, property, and garden lighting done by Nightscapes
Exterior lighting done by Nightscapes

5. Well Lights

If you want to achieve a lighting scheme, but you don’t want the light fixtures to be the attraction of your cottage, well lights are for you.

Well lights are designed to be placed directly in the ground. The fixture itself is hidden, but the light can be soft or bright.

They can be used for pathway lighting, to showcase plants/flowers, or to give an uplight effect.

The light fixtures are very versatile, but they do need to be hardwired. For obvious reasons, they cannot be moved or adjusted as easily as other lighting options.

Dock lighting near a boat, done by Nightscapes
Well lighting in stairs done by Nightscapes

Professional Design Team

Adding light to your landscape may seem like a simple task, but if you’re wanting to increase the value of your property and have a truly stunning attraction, partnering with a professional lighting company will be your best choice.

There isn’t a nature enthusiast in this world that wants to create light pollution, disturb their neighbours or possibly harm wildlife. These are all possible situations if you don’t have the expertise of a professional along the way.

Are you ready to transform your cottage through the art of illumination? Fill out our online consultation form and a Nightscape’s rep will reach out to you right away.