Our team at Nightscapes of Muskoka is dedicated to building relationships and providing the best customer service with client satisfaction being the priority. We take pride in being a part of enhancing your outdoor living experience.


Nightscapes of Muskoka offers the professional design and installation of energy-efficient LED landscape lighting. We also specialize in the retrofitting of existing systems—replacing older fixtures with LED models and updating setups to accommodate any changes that have been made to your landscaping and outdoor living space.


Using our experience and creativity, we will design a lighting system for you that showcases your home and landscape with elegant ambiance. Your property will come alive at night with a Nightscapes of Muskoka lighting system.

We can achieve various lighting effects using the following types of fixtures:

  • Uplights

  • Well lights

  • Pathlights

  • Deck/dock lights/submersible lights

  • Hardscape lights

  • Moonlights

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